Koiran villapaita - Doggie sweater

Laitoin tämän kuvan Facebookin kettuterrieriryhmään ja sain sitä kautta useamman kyselyn villapaidan ohjeesta. Ohjeenhan löysin Yhteishyvän sivuilta, mutta muokkasin sitä kauluksen ja hieman hihojen osalta. Alla kääntämäni ohje omilla muttoksillani. 

I posted this picture to Facebook's smooth fox terrier group and got a few requests for the pattern. I found the pattern from the Finnish website Yhteishyvä. Below is my translation of the pattern with mo modifications on the collar and sleeves.

Dog sweater
Pattern by Susanna Mertsalmi
I improvised the collar and wrote my version here. I used the S size. At least now Gretas (4 months) chest measures 45 cm.

Size: XS(S)M(L).
Dog measurements: chest circumference 34–40(42–48)50–56(58–64) cm
(the widest part of the chest, behind front paws)
back length 30(38)44(50) cm (from the withers (?) to base of he tail).

Yarn: Novita 7 Brothers 150(200)200(250) grams. Drops Karisma is the same Aran weight.
Needles: 40 cm circular needles No 4 (US size 6). DPN’s No 4 (US size 6)
Gauge: 18 stitches and 27 rounds stockinette = 10 cm

The sweater is knitted from the hem to collar.

The body

Cast on 17(17)17(17) stitches and  knit stockinette. At the same time, add 2 stitch on both edges first every round 12(12)18(20) times and then every other round 8(13)12(16) kertaa = 57(67)77(89) stitches. Make the stitch by picking up the “ladder” between stitches and knitting it on the right side  and purling on the wrong side. Turn the stitch while doing so, so you don’t have a gap there.

When you have added all the stitches and the piece measures 12(15)17(20) cm, add stitches  for the ribbing under the stomach as follows: on the right side, K1, add a stitch n purl (= purl the “ladder” between stitches turning it), knit 55(65)75(87), make 1 in purl, K1 and at the end of the round make 1 = 60(70)80(92) s.
Continue knitting in the round and add stitches to the ribbing as follows: K1, P1, K 55(65)75(87), P1, K1, add 1 in purl, P1 and add 1 stitch in purl = 62(72)82(94) s.

Knit 5(3)2(2) rounds in between and repeat the increases as follows: K1, P1, K 55(65)75(87), P1, K1, P1, K1 through the back loop ,P1 and make 1 in knit , P1 = 64(74)84(96) s. Continue the increases on both sides of the middle stitch of the ribbing every 4.(4.)3.(3.) round for 0(2)4(6) times = 64(78)92(108) s.

When you have knit in the round for about 5(6)8(10) cm, spread the ribbing to the “smooth” part by knitting 2 stitches more of ribbing each side of it. When you have knit in the round for about 6(7)9(11) cm, leave other stitches on a scrap yarn and continue knitting back and forth on the 15(19)23(27) stitches of the ribbing for the sleeves.

Knit the ribbing back and forth for 8(10)11(12) cm and leave the stitches on a scrap yarn/ spare needle. Knit the 49(59)69(81) stitches of the back back and forth for 7(9)10(11) cm. Continue knitting in the round with all the stitches and on the second round add for both sleeves 1P  = 66(80)94(110) stitches. After the sleeves, once you have knit 5(6)6(7) cm with all the stitches, make the collar.

Continue in K1,P1 ribbing for as long as you need the collar to be. I did about 6cm. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

Pick up 42(50)54(58) stitches on dpn’s. Knit K1, P1 ribbing in the round. When the sleeve measures 2 cm, decrease on the stomach side 2 stitches (K1, K2tog)Repeat the decrease every other round, until you have 24(30)34(36) stitches left. Knit until the sleeve measures about 14(17)20(23) cm or until you are happy with the length. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

Finishing off (This is the red ribbing on my sweater)
From the hem of the sweater, pick up 20 stitches per 10 cm and knit ribbing for about 3 cm. Bind off semi-firmly.

For the Pippi Longstocking pattern on my sweater, I made the pattern afterwards, imitating stitches.

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